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Umbrella Insurance

Personal umbrella coverage, also called excess liability, follows you and your family anywhere in the world, providing liability protection above that of your auto and home policies for things like serious injuries to another person or damage to another’s property. Our packages also let you extend your protection to cover you or a family member when it’s someone else’s fault, and that person doesn’t carry liability insurance. Expanded excess liability coverage options include:

  • Not-for-Profit Directors and Officer Liability Coverage
  • Domestic Employment Practice Liability Coverage

How much umbrella insurance do you need?

Well, it depends. Below is a calculator for the minimum suggested amount. Future earnings, risk tolerance and your lifestyle should also be a consideration

….and the cost is minimal for millions of dollars of protection.

Sample Premiums (2 Adult Drivers and 1 home)

Estimated Annual Premium = $700

Estimated Annual Premium = $1,100

Estimated Annual Premium = $2,600 

Estimated Annual Premium = $5,000 

Umbrella Calculator